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Do Me A Favour - Arctic Monkeys

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If you like Owl City you are automatically my best friend

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Adam Young by x

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To think everything must die

For anyone to matter

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Jul 26, 2014

I’ve been thinking about my next tattoo for a while and aside from the violet I want, I need another Adam Young inspired tattoo. I’ve already got “I am” with a paper airplane underneath, now it’s time for something more obviously connected to Owl City. Right now I’m highly considering just “Ocean Eyes” because of his explanation of the album title, he made it sound so romantic and beautiful. And it’s my favorite album ever, it holds so much meaning to my life. Ok rant over. 

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Sometimes the heart doesn’t know what it wants until it finds what it wants.

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Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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when people call owl city a band

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"we almost dated" is such a weird relationship to have with someone

Plus the sequel “we never got closure”

And then the side adaptation “as a result I have a weird crush that never died”

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